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The Man who Kills, and the Women who Lives... Tardis name: Savior interior

Tardis of the week: War contender


The year is 2020. The Doctor, having finally escaped the Judoon prison, sets off in her T.A.R.D.I.S. blinded by rage. Everything she loved is gone. Gallifrey destroyed, and her people lost, all by the hand of the Master. The Master, and his new army of of Cyber-Master's wreak having on the Earth, month by month. First, they nearly sent the world into WWIII, had it not been for the doctor, and her smooth communication skills. Next, set the country of Australia ablaze, something the Doctor had immense difficulty with. In a fit of rage, the Master created a new Virus, and released it upon bats and other live Animals in a Wuhan live market. The Doctor, no longer able to keep control, creates a world broadcast about staying inside, exposing the time-traveling alien she is. The Doctor realizes the time has come again, where she can no longer save everybody, and live happily ever after. She plunges into darkness, debating on whether she could still be called the Doctor, if she can't even save lives. she redecorates her T.A.R.D.I.S. into a more action state, and takes items of her past, in order to remind herself of what could happen to this planet she loves, if the Master wins. No-one realizes the war happening right under their noses. Between the man who kills, and the women who lives...


Awesome. Amazing interior and beautiful storyline. I love how much thought you have put into this! Maybe having 6 crystaline pillars like in the 13th doctors TARDIS would improve it slightly, but I absolutely LOVE this. This could definitely win!

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