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Warp Griefing Time:Permant IGN:TheKangabet

Minecraft username: Kangabet12

Why you were banned: Warp Griefing


Ban duration: Perm Ban


What were you doing last on the server: I was not on the server i was trying to get charmelon circuits. but i was locked i tried  to remember my passwords but i was locked until 2 hours later i gave

up. so i went back on the server and i saw i was Perm Banned. i was confused??


P.S i wanna know what warp i grief cause i'm so confused?


i'm deeply sorry i just wanna make my town this mod is the best i ever had

Hey, I looked at your ban report which staff made and I consider it unfair,so I'm unbanning you.
You placed some cobblestone around a tardis parking spot, but that was it. You can join the server again, sorry for the inconveinience.

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