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A dalek mod spawn area

This is a dalek mod spawn area I've built

Timelapse video will be up tomorrow 


Shane , you are really a human ?? I takes weeks and more weeks to build small things in minecraft . it can't be :OOOOOO

If anyone's wondering, the holograms of the staff are placed on the tree as you go down the spiral stairs and I didn't place rule board because I couldn't really find a spot, but it could fit up on the tree platform

Pigs rule supreme! Masters of the universe! OBEY!

 Daleks are supreme! creators of the universe , you will obey us?

Sorry its a little dark, I forgot to turn off lighting in the replay

 cool Spawn Bro I think it would make a great Server Spawn dude

Absolutly amazing I would try to convince john to use this as the actual servers spawn shame we would have to restart the public map though.

Already spoke with Shane about this, we are going to make this the default spawn, however keeping the same map, it will just require the server to be down for a few hours whilst we add it

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