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War Doctor's interior got you down? Here's a more full version!

Ever felt like the War Doctor's interior is a bit empty? Well, I've tried to make an improved version...


So, before we start, if you'd like, you can build it with Schematica from this schematic:


(Note in order to make the controls invisible like mine you'll need to use the following command while standing on the control: "/blockdata ~ ~ ~ (hide_model:1b)")


On with the showcase!

So, as you all know, the interior is a bit...

Empty. Specifically, the console. It just feels like there's nothing in it.

Well, I offer you this:
My attempt to make the room feel more full!

Now, here are all of the features:

#1 - The right side has these: (Note the jukebox!) (Also note the hotbars tell you what the hidden controls are.)


#2 - The back has these:

#3 - The front has these:

#4 - And lastly, the left looks like this:

And of course, on the empty glass block corner, you could put any other panel you'd like, say, a Sonic Screwdriver charger?

But the best unmentioned feature is:

#5 - The door works.

Feeling like the beacon, iron blocks, and jukebox are a bit cheaty? Well, simply remove them!

If you really want it to be useless, you can even remove the redstone for the door. 


Other changes to note:

The sea lanterns were dropped 1  to put white glass on top.

The sandstone stairs/blocks/slabs were changed to the coral stairs/blocks/slabs.

The interior doors changed from the 2005 Coral interior door to the War interior door.


So yeah, what did you think? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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