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DM Bugle Issue 7 - Incoming Invasion

DM Bugle Issue 7

Incoming Invasion

This is a warning to everyone, a large fleet of ships has been detected to arrive sometime soon! Their intentions unknown, but likely if following past events to be hostile. Therefore, the DM Bugle will be going on break for a bit, we're packing up and fleeing for a bunker! No-one has any idea where exactly or when they'll arrive but we infer it will be on major locations of player activity within the next few weeks. It is highly recommended you have a safe whereabouts to stay until this all blows over; advised to be deep underground. Those who seek to battle the invaders will be at major risk with little help available however, their reward may be substantial. We'll try to send out updates when and where major hotspots for the invasion will be taking place, choose to seek reward of flee for your safety! More news will follow within the following weeks, likely through a wave of invasions, starting from very small to very big. From a troop ship, to the mothership. A competition sort of area will be arranged for the invasion, completing challenging to get rid of invaders and other such things will grant you rewards! Also, in light of this we'll be hosting a bunker building competition. Submit a photo of your bunker in the DM Bugle Discord Submissions or on the forums with "DMBunker" in the title. Good luck to all those who will participate and all those that will hide!


An  Upcoming City

Last Issue we revealed that there is a new Bugle HQ after the old one had an incident with some cake... but we didn’t tell you where it is! We can now reveal the new HQ is in... SWDCity! This town has existed over multiple resets and is themed around real life cities. Enjoy the skyscrapers that tower above and the small parks and gardens that add some nature to the city. It has many key landmarks for you to visit.. If you need some new suits go to Kingsman Tailor Shop or if TV is more your thing, visit SWDStudios to see where shows such as Deal Or No Deal is recorded. The city is being opened in the next couple of weeks. We will announce it’s opening in the DM Bugle discord. Once open, make sure to check out our new headquarters!


A Run to Death:

This Saturday some staff members are running a game of death run for everyone to take part in! Enjoy a fast pace mini game where you need to be the first person to beat the course! However a couple people will be playing “death” and their role is to set of traps to kill as many players as possible to stop them from beating the course. I asked what players should expect; “Madness, mayhem and lots of lava. And Death.” Sounds like lots of fun! To take part you just need to be on DMU Public at 6pm BST this Saturday 9th. Make sure to take pictures and tell us about it, and you may be featured in the next issue! Good luck!


This event has already happened and was very successful. Congratulations to Dezdez for winning! And thank you for the photo from him!



Questions, Riddles and Jokes:

None this week, sorry!!


Answers to last week:

It was a bank

It was a star


Puzzles (Forum Only)




Bear-Man 3:

A disorientating luminance emitted from within. It slowly dimmed, revealing a bleak hallway. It was almost hospital like yet had an eerie atmosphere to it. Each footprint of Bear-Man broke the immersion of the pristine passage. He wondered through for minutes, hours maybe even days it seemed like. No matter what does he opened, no matter which way he went, it was all the same. Bear-Man grasped his fish, wondering what he could possibly do to get to the source of whatever the unnatural constitution was. "That's it," he thought. Without a moment's delay, he threw his fish beyond his vision. It was swallowed by the darkness, the end of his vision. No sound was produced, had it stopped? A whistling came from the wind, although there was no wind within the compound. Almost missing it, Bear-Man caught his fish as it was propelled towards him. As he had thought, he was stuck in a forever looping structure. Every step he took, the corridor would repeat non stop. "So how is it continuously generating?" he thought. Every so often, there were pillars stretching from floor to the roof of the corridor, like they were containing segments. Without effort, he slammed his fish against the metal post detaching a hatch. Within there was a rainbow of wires, as well as bolts keeping them in place. Slam! His head twitched with speed, looking at both ends of the corridor. Nothing had changed? Slam! Again, he looked to either end, nothing had changed. Two wires had burst from within the hatch, sparking with an indescribable energy. Slam, slam, slam! Something more noticeable had happened - the darkness was closing in. Several more wires had snapped within the hatch. He saw several more wires beginning to cracked. He reached out for them, but within seconds he quickly withdrew. His gloves was torn and covered in a green goop. All he could hear was slamming, all he could see was darkness. There was no escape...

That's the end of Bear-Man's Adventures for now!


Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t


Dear Diary,


Today was pretty normal. The blobs went out hunting a cat for my dinner, so I stayed back with Fredrick. He showed me some amazing magic tricks, like turning lava and water into cobblestone. I was shocked. I’m pretty sure Fredrick might actually be a god. I spoke with Mr Magical Flying Unicorn Man and apparently it’s just a “Cobblestone generator” but I think it must be magic. If it wasn’t magic then I could do it, but when I tried I just burnt down the entire jungle where the blobs lived. Oops. While I wandered about to put the fires out, this glowing beam surrounded me. It tickled, I liked it. However then I started to fly upwards, that was not so fun. I blacked out and when I woke up, all I had was you diary. I’m in this dark room with nothing to do, so I thought I’d write to you. You may wonder how I can write in a dark room without a pen, but that’s for you to figure out. Overall it’s been a pretty boring day. Bye bye Diary.

That's the end of Fr1dgeMagn3t's tales for now!


No Ads this week!



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Closing remarks

We hope you've enjoyed this slightly reduced Bugle issue! Please be aware, that there will be a big invasion incoming, prepare, attack, defend - whatever you need to do to survive. Prepare your bunkers, your bombs and whatever else. We'll try to have a somewhat bugle in the following weeks but not in issue format! Stay tuned for that but we will be reverting to issue format in a matter of time. Thank you for your support! And from Bluey and me, good luck!


Thanks Everyone! :D


Dalek Mod Bugle

Issue 7

Titled: Incoming Invasion

Editor: Bluey and Ben

The DM Bugle Est. 2019



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