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Biome changing

I have recently just found out that someone with SWDBae rank or higher has selected a large area just 100 blocks away from my town and has replaced a lot of blocks with other ones. Although this is not technically griefing, they have still claimed such a large area of land and made it much more deadly. Although you cannot see it in the screenshots, there was also a huge lava cylinder in the middle of the area. I want to know if anything will be done about this (although it will be difficult with very little evidence as to who the person who did it may be, I have found a few clues as to how to find out.)




UPDATE: Acediajc has helped me find out who it was - EmoBrony. I know this is not the first time he has changed a lot of blocks in a large area and Acediajc was the person who told him to undo it the first time! (correct me if I am wrong)

Yes, I was going to say.. emobrony was rping on a 'lava' planet the other day, and was suggested by what he was saying that it wasent the nether. I guess thats it right there.

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