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Joy - Happiness Themed Tardis for TOTW


Ben's Entry for Tardis of the Week - Custom Interior


Hey Everyone! I hope you are all well! So I struggled with this challenge initially. I thought "Ok, a custom interior for me", but then realized that's just my cake interior. So I then decided to make an interior custom for someone.  But who??? I thought EVERYONE! So I started Project Joy. I got a bunch of you guys to send me "What makes you feel joy?". I got about 20 responses, ranging from family to food, gaming to sports, pets to sunsets. It was great to hear all about what makes you smile. I then fused them into a tardis! Enjoy :D


The Design


Design Explanation

I really struggled trying to fit all your joy inspirations in, and I wanted to build them all originally but that was going to be way too difficult! So I thought I'd add in something I love - Banners! You can see banners representing star wars, dmu, tea, minecraft, family, religion etc. Then I decided to add the stained glass to the walls, to continue this idea directly into the walls.  The centerpiece of the interior is glass, especially the glass tree. I chose this as a tree represents growth, meaning things can always get better but I used glass, as I thought it made the idea more abstract linking to the emotions. I love that I used so much glass, especially since there is one beacon beam going through the entire build as it links it all together. I found this really difficult to build, I've never made anything so big, but I hope it worked out!!



This is my third proper interior

Built by: Ben1Ben1

Co-ords on DMU: -921 9 1010


Have a great day and I really hope this interior does well :) And if it doesn't - I hope it at least brings some people some joy  <3


Look after yourselves, since I care for you all - Ben

Ben, I absolutely adore that, the pure love and beauty you have used to create that, is unimaginably astounding, I love the way it's theme rings true throughout, in some forms, more obvious, but also you managed to beautifully create areas that are subjective and up to the mind, and it shows an astounding level of craftsmenship, so I am greatly honoured, and proud to have been able to witness such a phenomenal peice of architecture, and love that was so delicately, and skilfully woven together, to make a tremendous whole piece. 

I am in love with this build!! I It's so amazing!!

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