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Ban me

I hate this server and i want to be banned

PS I hope you know that dmu is full of some of the most disgusting people ive ever had the misfortune to meet

Correction MW2 lobbies have some of the most disgusting people you can ever met or had the misfortune to meet. This community isnt even toxic.

Hello. We're sorry you've had a bad experience on the servers. Banning you is rather unnecessary as you can simply leave the server. Also, if you have any screenshots of these "disgusting" messages, we'd be happy to take a look and solve the issue.


- Joe

Looking at your previous threads I'm going to assume you've been banned again or warned again on the server and are now taking it out on the people on the server for just doing their job?


If not then we still don't appreciate the rude remark towards users. You've been banned for abusive language before.


If a user has been rude or abusive to you however then report it so it can be dealt with instead of being rude in return

Hi John, I'm sorry for how rude I was in this post. A lot has changed in my life and I hope that I can be more mature and sensible on this server in future. I'm sorry for any hard feelings in the past and I hope that everyone can put that behind them now.

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