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"Pink Candy" Interior (ToTW Entry)

I feel like it is not too fair to enter this build for TARDIS of The Week, as I started on it a few days before the theme announcement. However, multiple people have suggested I make it a submission!

Full-view screenshot.A full-view of the console room itself. In the shot are also some of my pet Daleks, Reginald (adopted), Sir. Wafflelot, and Timelord Gay-mer.

Upper walkway area.
The upper walkways, lined with comfy chairs and cute blue storage tables.

Lower rotor and cooling pond.A lower cooling pond surrounding the rotor. Imagine there are fish here please, as it is supposed to have fish. I do not know where they all went.

Over there is a signed disc by the legendary Digeridoofinshmertz.In the corner of the heart shaped part of the room, a signed disc of "I am The Doctor" by Didgeridoomen, a good friend of mine and lover of all things cow-related.

I designed it with open space, colorful patterns, and water, in mind. I hope everyone likes it as much as I had fun building it!

Very nice!, I love the thing you did with the console and rotor, how you mixed the crystalline rotor with the clockwork console. Also, the lamps from the SB Tardis is a very creative use! The Daleks you have are a very cute touch. Overall, this tardis interior really fits the cute exterior, and I really hope this TARDIS wins!

I really do like the interior it seems to flow perfectly with the exterior

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