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DMU Grief Report: wbthehero [Solved]

Reason for my report: Grief of TTC road, map, areas in the underground including blocks within the Black Archive, and they broke iknowshall's and my mailboxes but they haven't been fixed yet

My minecraft Username: xNebulastarx

location of grief: DMU Private server, Overworld, co ords: 3625 90 3570

Griefer: wbthehero

Note: All griefs have been repaired but I have several witnesses and a screenshot of wbthehero spamming bessies and k9's making the whole server lag.  wbthehero has also refused to leave TTC after we fired him and I asked him numerous times and my witnesses can confirm and has been an overall problem towards TTC.

Witnesses: A1GK, TheWitherShadow, King_JJS, and Defiant_ (defiant only experienced the massive lag spikes and wasnt there to witness wbthehero breaking and spawning mobs.)


I also have video evidence of wbthehero griefing a new lava fuel pipe but it cannot upload.

well you see I use a touchpad and I don't own a mouse so it wasent my falt and I forgot you cant spawn mobs so I tried to kill them when I remembered and acendently broke the road buce I missed the hitbox of the mob and my touchpad is so secenrtive so if I lightly tap it not meaning two to it will beakc a block or attck th mob infront of my range so I did not mean two do eny harm I tried to fix it but neb was still being mean to me he gave ,e an office but took at away for no resoin if I had a screenshot I would send it it of what he said but I didn't bucse that would nto be right he took away my tardis parking too I had it before the other guy and he didn't beleve me? I took a break form thr server too calm down and he still isn't being nice two me I did not mean two make eny harm im sorry. plase don't ban me I didn't mean eny harm

dose enyone know what spaming is I never heard of it until now? so if I was im sorry

I was not greafing the lava pool it was a parking space that belongs to onthor player and I was trying to fix neb put the lava on some elses tardis parking when the land there there going to be mad I fotgot the players full usename but it think it had ginger and doctor and then numbers if I had a screenshot I would show it but  don't realy take screenshots unless its for my ne backround I wads just trying to help I promis


I did leave now this is getting rediclues I did leave and this time I have a screenshot that im far away so he lied then I am far away and i leave before he reported

see far away and I wish I capthured the text so I did leave

please stop spamming my thread you continually returned to TTC until I got more people to get you to leave

also im not spaming im just telling the story of wht happend


pictures of the overworld cannot prove that you left the area. you could've just got into a new world and took pictures there.

and if there was chat I could prove that I was not in a asingle player world and besides I only go to singleplayer to test mods and rolplay in survival

also I can  take another screenshot with the chat ill have the same invitnory

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