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Ban appeal: miles74

Minecraft username: kidventures01 /Miles74


reason: " Griefing"




the last thing I was doing on the server was chopping some oak logs I found when I /RTP'd to build a house and finding out how to craft TARDISes.


this is why I feel I should be pardoned:


 This was the first time I had ever played on a Minecraft server and I didn’t really understand much about griefing of playing with other people on a Minecraft server  and was only on for about three days so i did not know what griefing even meant not about anything else where as now I am very sorry and have read and understood their meanings


I realise that someone might not think what I said was correct so if you feel I am wrong then please do reply to my thread because I would appreciate some-one else's opinion on my story


the Kidventures01 account was stolen so please don’t unban it because then u-know someone might do something, idk what but they might because I don’t have access to it 

Hi, if you guys decide to unban me please can you do it to my other account too - Miles74 because someone stole my kidventures01 account thx

Please, use the correct format for ban appeals, and then your appeal will be considered.
This is the link of where to find the format: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=4191
You can just edit the thread, so there's no need to create another one.

Hi Miles,


we'll give you another chance. Please don't destroy people's work again

This thread has been locked.