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Seventh Doctor Titan Comic's Interior


I had set out to build this interior after i saw 2 pictures(i only had 2 reference pictures) and it was amazing

I first built the hexagon, which took me atleast 10 hours, calculating the size, building it to be as close to the original to the ref. pic, and spacing them so they would fit perfectly.

After the floor i did the console, it has a war doctor's console flooting of the ground, with yellow glass and a yellow beacon. i also made 8 pillars coming up to it, which took me several hours deliberating with myself and gettin them perfect.

The hood, thingy was next(time rotor?) Like the console area, took some different designs but i am lovin this design

This is the doctor's study area where he can sit down and tell stories to ace, or even read or hear music alone. An invisible armour stand is holding the umbrella, so the player can take it and put it back as he pleases.

I used a tardis command block to replicate a grandfather clock.

Some platform he had for sme reason. And a bigger library.


I have worked night and day on this interior and i hope you like it and choose it.

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