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[DMU] ban-appeal: Miles74/kidventures01

Minecraft username: kidventures01 /Miles74


reason: " Griefing"




the last thing I was doing on the server was chopping some oak logs I found when I /RTP'd to build a house and finding out how to craft TARDISes.


this is why I feel I should be pardoned:


 This was the first time I had ever played on a Minecraft server and I didn’t really understand much about griefing of playing with other people on a Minecraft server  and was only on for about three days so i did not know what griefing even meant not about anything else where as now I am very sorry and have read and understood their meanings


I realise that someone might not think what I said was correct so if you feel I am wrong then please do reply to my thread because I would appreciate some-one else's opinion on my story


the Kidventures01 account was stolen so please don’t unban it because then u-know someone might do something, idk what but they might because I don’t have access to it 

Hello there! I will be taking your appeal today. So after some careful consideration I have decided to unban you. Upon rejoining the server please reread the rules and if you have ANY questions about the rules feel free to ask staff. 

~Thetomsterman DMU Moderator

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