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Pls unmute me

Reason for mute : constantly complaining about a bug

Ingame name: sleepysloo  

Why you think you should be unmuted: i was muted for complaining about a bug which i thought was plaugeing me i admit i was being rather excessive with it also i may have been perm muted due to a bypass of the mute.  ive been muted for quite a while and i know why i was punished and i accept that i have bypassed it a few times but i would hope that you would accept my apoligy for any trouble ive caused you . i hope if u decide to unmute me i would be able to help others for example lots of times ppl want steel or iron or theyre just starting and want food but ive had to not /msg them to give them help i hope i would be able to do this if im unmuted as well as several other helpful tasks. if you decide not to accept this appeal i understand and i will not bypass my mute anymore i sincerly hope this is accepted and understood .


Hello. I am Joe and I will be taking your mute appeal today.


Your mute was made permanent because you bypassed it multiple times. You still do that, and if I were to look through logs, I would find multiple instances of you bypassing your mute. 

You will stay muted for the time being

- Joe

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