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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] Change to DM Entity Tags [Implemented as of Update 47]


*This is just a quick suggestion that doesn't really affect game play for many; also, sorry if I didn't properly format this post.*


The Issue: Currently, there is no way to directly target any Dalek Mod mob with commands (such as entitydata). To try to do so, one must enter "@e[type=thedalekmod.DM(mobname)]". This '.' causes minecraft to throw an error saying that the UUID is in an invalid format, thus causing the game not to carry out the command on the mob. 


The Suggestion: I ask that the Team changes the mob names back to the older version (from 1.8 beta), which was just "DM(Mobname)", not only is this shorter, and just as easy to identify which mod the mob is from, but it also makes it possible to use commands directly on Dalek Mod mobs again. I am asking for this because I make some Youtube videos about using different commands on Daleks, and I have a lot of ideas to try but it is impossible to carry them out due to the issue mentioned above.


Other Information: As I said, this probably doesn't matter to most people and it wouldn't make a difference to them either way. But it would be really nice to be able to target commands on Dalek Mod mobs again. This would also be helpful to anyone who may want to make an adventure map that features the Dalek Mod.


Thanks for reading.

I love your videos on the DM commands! So back on topic, yeah I do a point for this, as other command- based users will benefit greatly from a small change


Also, if I may suggest changing the title to be more easier to understand. Maybe something like, [Dalek Mod suggestion] Changes to DM entity tags

Sorry, we cannot do this, we had to make this change to implement compatibility between other mods, as the old way would cause conflicting mob id's and break alot of stuff. 


Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying to find other ways of working around this. I assume this means that you can't remove the '.', as this is causing the error.

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