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TARDIS of the Week Theme : Something no one has ever seen before!

Hello I have work for the tardis and I think no one has seen my interior of my Tardis 

The Tardis is invisble

the interior 1 

the interior 2

And the door ! 

Thanks for watching my thread !

The Millennium Falcon Tardis. We all know the Doctor doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules except his own, and I thought of finding a way to reflect that with the Tardis. I have given it a structure and color scheme mimicking that of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. I decided to stick with the Falcon’s color scheme from the movie Solo a Star Wars story, to give it a more clean and retro-futuristic look of the classic Tardises. (Unfortunately I couldn’t use the Dalek mod to build this due to not being able to properly install in on any computer I had at my disposal. So this is all done in casual Vanilla Minecraft.)


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