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My Worldwide TARDIS (final TOTW)

Here's my entry for the final TARDIS of the Week (Something never seen before theme)! This model of TARDIS has only one room: it's an infinitely generated world! Now there is an entire world in your capsule, you can explore it, build stuff in it, etc. You can decide to create a secondary console "room" wherever you want and use the console to link the doors to the main exit of the TARDIS, meaning you can select in which place of your Pocket world you enter by going in your TARDIS.

It is possible to create a teleport pod next to the consoles or in anyplace you want so you can easily join any part of the Worldwide TARDIS (because let's be real, you'll have to walk really far to go from a point A to a point B without it)! The interior doesn't have any limits in term of space and possesses its own day/night cycle, its own fauna and flora and different climats.


How did you make this?

 If you're talking about the last picture, I used  my epic Photoshop skills. (just kidding, I used Paint 3D)

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