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DM Bugle Issue 8 - Who - SWDExtra's New Series

DM Bugle Issue 8

Who - SWDExtra's New Series

This week we had the launch of SWDExtra's newest series "Who" produced by Olly, Cy and Bluey and if you are in our discord, you know we have been following the story closely. After 11 months of development, we finally got to see the first episode and I can tell you - it was worth the wait. The mysterious protagonist crash landed near the Wild West town Outreach Alabama. We follow his story, involving horses, explosions and a dramatic cliff hanger at the end! We spoke to one viewer, Destroyer021620 and they said "IT WAS AMAZING :DDDDD". We agree! It gets 4.5/5 cakes from the DM Bugle. Fantastic work to everyone who worked on the project, it was really worth the effort. We contacted one of the producers, Olly, asking when the next episode would be released. He responded "soon hopefully". Seems we will have to wait another 11 months for episode 2, but we cannot wait. Make sure to watch it on the SWDExtra Youtube Channel, and to stay updated join the DM Bugle where we will let you know the release date of episode two. 


Thoughts with Ben - Wanting

"Success is getting what you want;

Happiness is wanting what you get." - Dale Carnegie


Wanting is something that we all experience, but in many different ways. The most common things we want are objects like: a new games console, cake, a gift. Sometimes it might be a more abstract object like: a hug, a promotion or a compliment. The most important wants often involve people: wanting to spend time with friends, wanting to see family, wanting to find someone to love. Love is a reoccuring theme in wants, it's what they are based on. You want the things you think you'll love. But that's the thing - "you think you'll love". Nobody knows what they actually want, not even after they have recieved it. Here's an example - At work you want a promotion and you spend your entire time waiting for it, not focussing as much on your current job. Promotions come round and you are not chosen. You give up with it as you didn't get you want. However now you have stopped focusing on the promotion you realise how great your current job is and how much you love it - if only you had stopped worrying about the promotion in the past. Although you maybe didn't get your want, you got what was best for you. So - stop worrying if you don't get something you want, there is a chance it may end up better for you. If not, there will most likely be a chance in the future to get your want again.


Future of the Bugle

If you are a member of the discord you will have heard that sadly Bluey has left DMU for now, meaning he is no longer an editor of the Bugle. This means that at the moment the only editor is me, Ben. This is how the Bugle is going to be for the next couple weeks while I work on tweaking some of the formats and layouts to make sure everything is ready before looking for more editors. Because of Bluey leaving that means the Adventures of Bear Man have been cancelled. This means we need new shorts - and you have the chance to write one! It should be around 250 to 350 words, but don't worry if it's a bit out. Make sure it's original and creative - it can be scary, funny, whatever you would like. Remember however for now you will only get to do one short so you can do a cliff hanger but it may be a while until it's answered! Submit then in #submissions on our discord, and if you don't have discord speak to Ben1Ben1 in game and I'll sort it!

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This is the first guest short written by Manraj2006 - I loved the short and I hope everyone else enjoys!



I walked up to the old and desolate building, flashlight in one hand phone in the other. The which I walked pavement had moss growing out of it, with cracks emerging from it. As I reached my destination, two large gates confronted me, as if to tell me to turn back before it was too late. I pushed the gate and it slowly opened, whilst making a slow deafening creaking noise. I turned on my flashlight, the light being emit from it piercing the cold darkness of the place. I looked around the front porch of the building, only to find nothing but overgrown plants and the occasional scurrying rat. After being satisfied that there was nothing important or interesting there, I made my way to the decrepit, old and withered building itself.  

I gave the door a slight pushed and was surprised when the door fell out of its frame onto the floor. After overcoming the slight shock, I had received I made my way in. The corridors all looked the same at a passing glance but if you paid more attention to the finer details (like a crack in the floor here a corridor with no door or no wall there) you could use those as markers to tell where you were. I made my way through the decaying corridors and the seemingly endless number of cobwebs and holes in the floor, until I found a room labeled recording studio in very faded lettering. As I tried to get in, I was greeted by a locked door. After banging on it a couple of times (to see if it would fall or not like some of the other doors in this place had done) before leaving to try and find another entrance.

I walked around a few more corridors before I found another room, this time filled with images of what seemed to be a sometimes blue, sometimes brown-haired individual with circles drawn around some of the pictures. Unable to open the door I continued to make my way through the murky depths of this building. As I continued to search the building, I found a big door with the letters ‘S D Ar  hi’ scrawled on it, tried to read  what the missing letters were but to no avail. With one big heave I opened large rusty safe door and found an extremely well-kept room, at least compared to the decedent remains of the main building. I entered what looked to be some sort of vault. The lights were dim but functional, the air tasted warm and almost moist, yet the atmosphere felt cold and unwelcoming. Around me were rows of files or more accurately video files and at the end I saw a little picture of 6 people. The brown-haired girl from before, a person in a blue suit with a red tie, one who seemed vaguely familiar, one who was wearing what seemed to be a skirt with glasses and one very recognizable man with a big nose and a red headband. All I could think to myself is that I was so close to getting the answer to the question that has plagued me and 100s of other people, what killed the dalek mod?


Life of a Sheep

Hello. My name's Simon. And yes - I am a sheep. I'm quite an old sheep. I live a great life. Eating grass y'know. It's pretty good. I'd suggest trying it one day*. I spend each day wandering around eating grass. Well I do now. In the past I didn't. Back when I was a little lamb I had lots more fun. I had this fantastic owner. She was amazing. Always looking after me, making sure I had enough grass, playing with me. Whenever she had to go to school, I'd wait by the stable's door until she came home. Most weekends we would go down to farm competitions and she would enter me for the "Best wool coat" category. I won every time. I was very proud of my wool, I kept it nice and clean and it shined bright. I loved it. However one day my owner, she grew up. She moved away, leaving me with her parents. I still miss her every day when I eat my grass. Whenever I miss her, I always sing the same song to myself. Over and over. I wrote it myself. It's called "Mary had a little lamb".



*DM Bugle does not promote the idea of eating grass. 



Answers at the end


There are 30 cows in a field, and 28 chickens. How many didn't? 

 What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it? 



What did the baseball say to the glove? Catch you later

Why can't a bicycle stand on its own? It's two-tired.





For Pride Month, we have a pride related word search!!!


Closing Remarks

This has been quite a different Bugle really. It's the first one ever that has been written by one person, and for me I've really enjoyed it and I hope you have enjoyed it too! Please bear with me as I learn how to do this all, however the next issue should be out next weekend. Make sure to enter your shorts for issue 9 and any feedback would be really appreciated, especially on the thoughts with Ben section. See you all next week! - Ben


Riddle Answers

20 Cows ATE chickens, meaning 10 didn't



Dalek Mod Bugle

Issue 8

Titled: Who - SWDExtra's New Series

Editor: Ben

Guest Writer: Manraj2006

The DM Bugle Est. 2019



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