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Three New "Guide" / "Rule" Boards Added To DMU

Today I took a few minutes to create three new boards and warps just outside of spawn.


The first board is a "New Players FAQ Board"

Warp: "/warp Imnew"

It tells you the commonly asked questions and answers that most of the vets are tired of answering 20 times a day such as "What is a credit." "How do I get credits" "Can Someone Give me credits free?" Etc.


The second is the "MAH TARDUS IS LOST!!!!" Board
Warp: "/warp Losttardis"
This board is a step by step board to answer all the questions to answer for people who lost their tardis.
Question 1: Did you enter another players tardis? If Yes .......
If no... Do you know where you left it?
If Yes ....

If no.... 
 And it tells you all the solutions to each problem


The Third and Final Board is the "Swdbae Rules Board"
Warp: "/Warp Swdbaerules"

These are all the unwritten rules that the SWDbae's have to follow. Such as " Don't stalk in gm3", " Don't Tp to players with out permission"
"Don't kill people in gm 1" "Don't give out spawn eggs / use spawn eggs with out permission " Etc.


Yes! I definitely suppourt this! If you don't mind, would you mind taking a look at linking Tumblr_Cat's FAQ and a Feature FAQ ?

Also me and matrix have been working on a training center for rookies so =P

I was wondering. Is there a commands board?

I'll have a look into this, also if you want to ignore the chat you can create an RP group using the /RP commands:

/rp create

/rp add [player]

/rp kick [player]

/rp end

/rp leave


 I honestly never knew this existed until 1WTC mentioned it today, or well, yesterday really

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