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DM Bugle Issue 9 - Daleks Versus Tripods

DM Bugle Issue 9

Daleks Versus Tripods by Ben1Ben1

This week, SWDTeam announced the exciting news that they are going to start developing the War of the Worlds Mod again. It was originally worked on many years ago, but because of people leaving the team they had to postpone it. However RedDash, the lead developer of the mod, has decided to relaunch it - and I am so glad he has! However I wondered why they decided now was the time to restart it so I spoke with RedDash. He said "I love war of the worlds so much and so many people message me about it. The war of the worlds preview from 2014/15 is my most viewed video on my channel".  This mod is going to be released for 1.15 and will be compatible with the Dalek Mod. That means yes you can have martians fight Doctor who creatures or as RedDash put it, "Daleks versus big giant tripods that make big scary noises". The mod is still in very early development, and if we are lucky we will get a very basic version of the mod by the end of the year. I think this is really exciting that SWDTeam is expanding it's repertoire of mods and it will be an awesome addition to the game. If you have any questions you want us to ask RedDash in a future issue, please either ask Ben1Ben1 in game or you can ask in our discord! We will keep you updated!


Exciting Project on Varos! by R083R75

Rumours have it that in the depths of Varos, the friendliest planet ever, a park has been constructed. What kind of park you ask? Well an amusement park!!! I had the pleasure of talking with the amazing owner R083R75 about the plans of the park and where it will end up in the future. He says that he is planning some BIG attractions for this park like roller coasters, carnival games, and there is even a Haunted House in the works at the moment. He does not want to give out all the ideas straight away to the public, but he has started to allow members of the community to help construct parts of the park. Some of the park staff that have volunteered to help with the construction and have put in lots of hard work into making this idea into a reality. One of the main helpers of the park is proffessorcoke. Coke is great at coming up with new ideas and loves to give back to the community. If you ever heard of the Mafia events on the server, he created them. Without coke, the park might have just been a massive white square dotted down on the deserted planet. If you are interested in helping with this project, make sure to message R083R75 either on the server, or on discord so we can discuss your ideas and find out if it will work or not.


Thoughts with Ben - Colour - By Ben1Ben1

"Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways" Oscar Wilde


What is a color? Answer: Something that's wrong because it's spelt colour you silly Americans. But truly, what is a colour? If you ask Didgeridoomen, he will probably say an electromagnetic wave. Wikipedia says "[A colour]  is the characteristic of visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.". Whoever wrote that definitely used at least 6 different theasaruses, however I still think it's a pretty rubbish definition. Try it in your head. Try to define what is a colour. It's hard right? Best I could come up with is "The appearance of a material after shining light at it", which I admit is terrible. Want a harder challenge? Try to describe a colour without mentioning any other colours! That one's almost impossible but I think it's a question which really helps show what makes humans special. If you asked a robot that, it would probably blow up. If you asked a more intelligent robot, you might get "dark" or "opaque" or "#003b6f" but still, nothing that you can use to figure out what the colour is. But if you ask a human and they say "It is the colour of love but also the colour of anger and danger", most people will realise I mean red. I find that so cool, all we are talking about is a colour, how something looks, but as humans we have added this emotions to something so simple. So the question - What is a colour? Yes it is a wave, yes it is "a characteristic of visual perception" but it's also something special to us. Every person has different opinions on each colour, but in the end they are all the same colour. Black, White, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. They are all great in different ways, but they are also all still colours. 






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Forgotten Part Two - By Manraj2006

After glancing at the crumpled picture for one last time, I put it down on the scarred wooden table and I made my way to the closest video files cabinet. “There has to be some sort of clue here, something that could shed some sort of light on what happened.”  I looked at the different names of each cabinet. “...Dalek mod Update 100-150, War of the World's mod Update 30-50, RedDash’s survival series, Story mode.” At this last one I stopped. It was well known that the SWD team had planned on making story mode several times and even had released multiple videos that were meant to either be trailers or announce story mode being made by X person. My curiosity peaking, I opened the cabinet to see 2 things, one a piece of paper with a huge question mark on one side and the sentence “Please stop asking” on the other. The second item seemed to be the head of a Minecraft cow. Shrugging this off as some sort of joke I continued searching for any clues to what killed the mod, only to hear a scuttling noise. 

At first, I brushed it off as another rat, eternally scurrying about around the desolate complex. But when I heard it a second then third time, I went to investigate. I approached the big rusty doors of the SWD archive cautiously. My breath became heavier whilst my heartbeat became faster and faster each step I took. As I walked closer to the doors the noises coming from the other side of the door became louder and louder and I became more and more frightened until...silence. When I finally looked on the other side of the door, I saw nothing but the familiar pitch-black darkness that enveloped each room and corridor here. As I stepped outside to see if there was anything else there that could have made those noises, I heard the door shut with a loud thud behind me and when I turned around too look, I saw a vague outline of a person. I was paralyzed of fright and I could practically hear my own heartbeat bursting in my ears. Then suddenly the figure put his hand on my shoulder. 


Tales Of Hen1Hen1 - By guest writer proffesorcoke

Hen1Hen1, a myth, a legend? Some say it's a cover up. Some have even drawn connections to Ben1Ben1. However we don't have time for such a complicated tale. So I will tell you about the greatest crossover in history. Hen1Hen1 stumbled across the gruesome swamp. Vines wrapped around the hen's skinny legs. First it was only a quiet whisper but then it only got louder. That's when he saw it, a hazel donkey skimmed past him. Then he peered through the mist. He saw some under the shade of a breathtaking tree. There was a green figure. An alien? No. It was the one. The only. Shrek.*


*Please don't sue us Dreamworks animation thank you.


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I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky, I can swim in the ocean and remain dry.

What is black when you buy it, red when you use it and grey when you throw it away?



The other day I found out my toaster wasn't waterproof. When I found out, I was shocked.

What do you get when you drop a piano down a mineshaft? A flat miner.


Closing Thoughts

I don't know about you, but I think this has been a really exciting issue of the bugle! We have introduced three new writers to the DM Bugle team and next week will be introducing a couple more. We also had a thrilling short from proffesorcoke which I hope you all enjoyed, I certainly did. If you need a bigger Bugle fix I really suggest joining our discord! We post smaller updates there, and hold fun competitions. You can also request adverts there and give us really useful feedback! Make sure to join to keep up with the location of the meteor the scientists detect. See you all next week - Ben and all the DM Bugle Writers.


Answers to this week's riddles

The Bird's Shadow



Answer to last week's word search

Issue 9

Titled: Daleks versus Tripods

Editor: Ben1Ben1

Writers: Ben1Ben1, Manraj2006, R083R75, Bently21

Guest Writer: ProffesorCoke

The DM Bugle Est. 2019



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