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Unofficial DMU-Music Resource pack

Hello there 

I thought the selection of the current Dalek mod music disks were quite small so I decided to make a resource pack that replaces the vanilla Minecraft music disk's with different themes and song's from doctor who (Also changes the Music Disc texture into a cassette tape and slightly changes the texture of the juke-box)

The current list is


  • Season 8 Theme(guitar remix)   //Replaces far
  • Season 8 Theme   //Replaces wait
  • Season 5 Theme   //Replaces mellohi
  • Season 4 Theme  //Replaces mall
  • I am the Doctor  //Replaces 13 
  • This is Gallifrey  //Replaces blocks 
  • The Ultimate Title Theme  //Replaces cat
  • The Shepherds Boy  //Replaces strad



Installation: Just copy and paste the zip file into your Minecraft folder and allons-y! You're all setup.


If you have any suggestions please leave a comment and I'll see what I can add to the pack in the future.


Don't forget to drink some milk



Made by Connordotc and JWBsturh 


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