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Ban Appeal

Reason: Stealing

Banned by: Dezzy201

ban count: 1

Why you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because I don't know if I skimmed over it or it wasn't there but I didn't see a stealing rule at the rules warp. Also, I see lots of griefed buildings around with items stolen from them. I don't know if any of these people got banned but I thought 'Hey if they can do it then everyone can.' What I am trying to say is I didn't know this was a punishable offense.  If I am wrong about any of this please don't shout at me. I want to get unbanned because i would like to get on with playing on DMU without interupting ANYONE'S playing experience and also promising I never steal or go near a players plot again (if that is what it will cost to get unbanned. I hope this can get some recognition...    :):


(PS, my IGN is also MisterPengueeno)

Sorry, but our "No Griefing or stealing." rule isn't that special. It's rather common both on Minecraft servers and in real life that stealing or destroying people's work is not kind. 
You intentionally stole people's items, so you'll stay banned until the time runs out.

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