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peterpanpig harassment and staff impersonation 2 days

im peterpanpig I was banned for harassment and staff impersonation I will be banned for 2 days I came on DMU in a skin I made of Mr Cedric forgetting about rule 3 I was then asked to change my skin back I asked rainbowdestiny if I could go in a skin I made looking like her skin she said yes so I changed it then next thing I know I was banned by her I think I should be un banned early because it was rainbowdestiny who said I could go in her skin and if It had something to do with the Mr Cedric skin I made I did change as soon as I was reminded it was in the rules and I think I should have just gotten a warning instead 

Hello Peter,

Please next time use the format.

But either way I will be denying your appeal, it is only 48h, besides that you have been warned so many times about the MrCedric stuff and yet you continue to do it. If you do continue with this MrCedric Stuff, then there will be more consequences.

Appeal Denied.

~Olly {DMU Admin}

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