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I was wondering if I could have my ranks transferred to another account.

Recently, my Minecraft account was hacked and stolen (passwords and emails changed by hacker), and I haven't been able to access it since. I've already contacted Mojang and they've done all they can already. So I've got a new account now to replace the one that was nicked, but all my DMU Ranks and stuff were linked to that account, so I was hoping that an admin could transfer them to my new Minecraft account. 

Old MC account: WMytherchild / Wibsicle

New MC account: EmmySanVA


Also sorreh if I wasn't meant to post this here. I wasn't sure where to go


An admin can’t do this for you, but John (The Owner) can.

Contact the support email: support@swdteam.com

and he should be able to sort that out.

~Olly {DMU Admin}

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