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Discord Ban Appeal Reason:same behaviour?

Discord account username and ID: The Kangabet Fleet#7563

Why you were banned: asking the same question

Ban duration: N/A

What were you doing last in the discord: asking if other people's stuff will be added (note: no i was not talking about mine)

Any previous bans: just 1

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): i was not talking about my stuff being added i was not talking about that i was asking that will community stuff be added i was not talking about my stuff i was talking about idk e.g: a person asked will a companion cube be added if its a yes will it be added? i'm sorry for the ill try not to sound pushy or unusal or whatever you thought i was doing ill TRY to not do it again

P.S it was not my friend i asked the question i did....the intro thing yeah that was me that asked it...i dont know why

Matt unbanned you’re with another chance and you continued with the same behavior. For now I’ll be denying your appeal. You may reappeal in 2 weeks.


~Thetomsterman {DMU Admin}

It doesn't help that you also continued the behavior on YouTube..

what account but ok...ok so first yeah i'm sorry for not listening i have been so worried that i was gonna get banned but idk why i did not listen...but i have been worried and excited for the past few months in the discord and i learnt while i was banned that i should contain all of that and act normal so thanks digeri for making me listen of what you were trying to say

look I wanna say that I'm sorry I'm making alts to say sorry but I get banned after that yes I was pretending just to not get banned I will try to be good this time it just i have been stress in life cause of life problems i just try to be the good guy this time

Read Tom's message. This appeal has been denied. You even broke the same rule multiple times again after that. Locking this thread again.

This thread has been locked.