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TOTW The Redash Tardis

Made By Tibetripodyt so i asked him to record the tardis (cause im too lazy to take screenshots) and make it a tardis for redash

Hey Kangabet,

TOTW ended weeks and weeks ago, the last being mid June. A new competition is coming at some point, but not for TARDIS interiors.

If you have anymore TARDIS designs, like this one, then it would probably be better to post them all as one thread in the Creations section.

However, as you have already made this thread then I would suggest leaving it as it is and not posting this TARDIS again in the Creations section.

If you are looking for feedback on your TARDIS, then I think it has a good colour scheme and good ideas, but maybe think about the shape and the time rotor/console a bit more.

If you add anything to this TARDIS, instead of posting the screenshots as another comment on this thread, edit the first post with the new ideas (as the TOTW section is now dead, so any more replies to it may be ignored or just generally be annoying for admins/users).

I hope this helps and you liked the feedback!



so? the fourm is still open so why not?

 Sure thing! :D I'm not criticizing you, I do like your TARDIS! I was just suggesting that it might get seen more on the Creations part, and I just wanted to let you know that the competition closed if you didn't know. Carry on if you want! :)

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