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The Tomb of the Doctor

Hi there SWDteam! I recently watched The Name of the Doctor, and I thought of a suggestion. As you know you have landmarks like the Gallifreyan Citadel and the Dalek mothership at certain coordinates and are landmarks to visit. So I thought that you could add the Doctor's tomb from the episode and the graveyard around it. It'll have the giant tardis and the console room in it(and not in the Tardis dimension, because the giant tardis is enough for the space of the console room) and have the entrance and everything. You could also add the doctor's timeline thing there too. It could be that when you enter, it is like a Tardis, and you see the doctor's life up to date in different rooms as you pass by on a special path. or you could just make it you dalek mod update adventures. or just kill the player have an option installed to watch the dalek mod update videos. But whatever your choice, but please add this.


I love this idea, and I have also wanted this idea for a long time! However, as the huge TARDIS is diagonal, it might be hard to re-create in Minecraft, especially as it also contains lots of detail. This would be cool because there aren't any structures on Trenzalore currently, though. To elaborate, it could be infested with lots of Whispermen, but contain great loot like TARDIS parts, or a chest with something like a sonic device inside eg. 11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver. 

With the past update videos, I am not sure how this would work. It would be some pretty impressive coding to show the past footage with sound! Anyway, I love the concept of this suggestion, and I think it would be great if it was added!

this is such a good suggestion and i was thinking about suggesting it myself........but never got round to it

Definitely would love to see something like that in the Dalek Mod. Currently there is no reason to go to Trenzalore, so maybe something like that would be great.

and also adding to Dt10's reply maybe also add the town christmas as a structure or village on a snowy trenzalore biome that spawns on trenzalore.

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