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[DMU Player Report] Their MC Username:EllisIsAway, TheBurger784

Your Minecraft Username: Lord_Azazel_ 
Their Minecraft Username:EllisIsAway, TheBurger784
Why you are reporting them: I am today reporting these 3 people for continuous desecration of me and my shop The Item Emporium. Over the past 2-3 months i have been dealing with these 3 members of the Arcadia Merchants Guild speaking ill of me for all of the server to see for the pricing of some items in my shop, mainly them speaking of how i price my Mending Books (which i had sold at 20k for a long time until i my self esteem began to go quite low which happens to me a lot). Due to my health becoming like this i even went to decreasing my pricing for the Mending Book by 10k from 20k however this still wasn't good enough for them! On one occasion they had rallied the entirety of the server which was on at the time to ridicule me on said pricing which i find utterly appealing an disrespectful towards me when i had done nothing wrong to them until they began being so rude i had never noticed or heard of them before! And ever since then they have been ever so rude towards me for no reason, this has been on different occasions spread across the 2-3 months since our first encounter. However Glider_2003 has been a lot nicer as of late an has been endeavouring to get his associates to cease all manner of contact with me and to stop going after me due to my shop's prices. Disclosed below are the many pieces of evidence i have gathered against these people! To begin with my evidence against EllisIsAway:

Now my evidence against TheBurger784:

A lot more had been said/done to disgrace me an my shop and also make me feel horrible however this is all the evidence in which i could collect. I have let this go for too long now and i am now reporting them as it has to stop! It is affecting me on a mental level and i understand it is only a game to some however its affecting me as a person and that isn't on! It would be greatly appreciated if some form of staff action could be taken to combat this as I have tried to reason with Ellis and their associates to no avail whilst also trying to ignore them however this is not working. o note also a member of staff has told them to leave it once before however they haven't i would name the staff member but I am afraid i cannot remember who it was. Once again I would appreciate it if something could be done please.

Regards, Azazel

Would like to add to this since I'm involved.

1) I've spoken to you twice, both times I have done nothing but express disapproval of your rate as I belive that selling things for well above what the server average is is fine to players who know that it is that price but not to people who don't. I was genuinely worried as new players seemed to be buying from your shop and would then be annoyed and feel scammed when buying mending from me or my friends.

I feel had I not brought this up I would have been turning a blind eye to this when I could be of help, only being on the server a few months myself.

I dont see how this in anyway is counts as harassment.

2) you claimed I had "rallied the server" this never happened at all. You can see in the pics I contacted you directly

3) Whilst yes we are all a part of AMG, it is a large clan and they have nothing to do with this at all. We have many new erplayers so I doubt more than 5 even know what this would be in reference to

4) I have actively discouraged any form of greifing or rule breaking regarding this situation or any. I never have and never will.

5) please do not pin my actions with the actions of others, I dealt with this privately and independently, others also raised concerns, that doesnt make me responsible for any action taken but my own.

6) I haven't spoken to you in over a month now, if someone has contacted you as me or on my behalf that is fraudulent behaviour.


If you belive that me contacting a store in disaproval of their prices as it was over twice the server average and exploiting new players is bannable or harrasment then I dont wanna play on the server. Furthermore I have never actually done anything to your shop or house/base so I have never desecrated it in any way.


I am sorry to hear that you are going through a bad time, but that doesnt make you immune to fair criticism. I would understand if this were a daily thing but it is not. I myself have been low and one thing that got me through was comedy, Jimmy carr has many shows for free on his YouTube channel so if you ever feel low maybe give them a watch.


Thanks for your time.

 I would also like to add that you did say that my actions were predatory and i am a predator to the members of DMU. Which is very wrong and i find rather rude for you to say such a thing. No you haven't spoken to me in around a month however TheBurger784 actions from today were the last straw and i believe this is an issue which must! be brought up with staff as it is utterly unacceptable for you and your associates to treat me like this over my items pricing. Furthermore you should not be attempting to deface my shop and the event entailing your associates rallying the server against me did happen and they are part of your organisation so you are partly responsible for this. I have tried to speak to you all rationally and solve this to the best of my ability however you two don't seem to understand that my shops pricings and the way i run my shop is of non of your concern. You and your friends appeared out of nowhere to desecrate my shop when I have done nothing to you. You and your friends speaking the way you did about my shop has since lowered the amount of people which have come to my shop as they believe me to be "overpriced" now. I have had no issue in the months which i have been running my shop the only issue i have had is when the members of AMG started to pipe up for again NO REASON. What i will say again is your dissaporval is not welcome which i have clearly stated  on many an occasion to you and your associates however to no avail have u stopped doing what you have. As i stated those are the only pieces of evidence i was able to gather so i will now leave this for staff to resolve as my efforts have been unsuccessful.

Regards, Azazel

At this point I think we just need to allow the admins to mediate both sides so we can all move on and enjoy a Doctor Who server in Minecraft.

Just a follow up:

1) Amg has nothing to do with this, the organisation has never taken an official stance, we have like 20 members and out of that like 2 of us who know each other have disapproved.

2) you said yourself we havent spoken in months so I dont see how this is relevant to me.

3) i consider selling items to new players who dont know any better for over double the server average willingly predatory, this could easily be fixed by putting a sign or something saying "due to limited stock this item is expensive" so that players know.

4)i just wana state again AMG is a faction, TheBurger is an individual player and so am I so I dont find your last post accurate at all.

5) whilst yes you may recive less business if people are aware that one of your items was above server average that isn't my fault. You can't tell me that your business is above critisism and then that people cannot form opinions based on facts.

6) "you and your friends appeared out of nowhere to desicrate my shop" I have never bought anything from your shop, I had been once, had a look at the items on sale, and left. 


I am not theburger I am an individual. I run amg and have a policy of dealing with stuff individually and not involving the faction, it is in our rules. To blame me for the actions of one individual not acting upon anything I promted them to do is insane. To blame amg for this when a good portion of our members couldn't care less is insane.

I stand by what I said, I do think what you were doing was wrong but not against server rules so I contacted you directly twice to deal with this over a month ago. I didnt involve amg, or others in my concerns. I did not tell others to harrass you and I have never griefed or desicrated your shop, you can check block logs on that. Please stop saying I did.

You can also see that since you reduced the price to 10k I have not even messaged you, my fault is not with you or your shop, my actions are not one with any other player. My fault was with that specific price, a fault that extends no further than our conversations and most certainly doesn't extend to my faction.

It seems you viewed my critisism as an attack upon yourself or your shop or that you viewed my actions as being linked with someone else's. They are not and I belive that this may be the misunderstanding that has happened. I do wish all the best in the future, also I would also like 24 hours notice or something for me to respond to any further claims, I have work and must wake up early.

I wish for this to be resolved soon,


I will say you with Glider_2003 initiated this whole ordeal so you are not innocent in all this and TheBurger784 only began to go against me upon affiliating himself wth you and your organisation and also after the time of me attempting to advertise and you and glider advertising burger's shop to make mine not seen which is rather rude yet again! From now i will have staff deal with this

Hey guys I got nothing against either of yous and Azazel you have helped me out a lot but last time I checked boycotting a store is not wrong. If your prices are high and someone has them lower you should expect less people at your store its all about pricing if someone is selling them cheaper thats the reason you are getting less sales, in that case for more sales you need to lower prices. Its all about supply and demand when more items come in prices drop and vice versa. Him boycotting your store is not the worst and since there has been no greifing its hard to justify your point.


On the other hand, the other person you shouldn't start getting rude and rowdy to the Azazel for no reason as having a high price has nothing to do with it. Going to Ferarri and saying go to Honda because its cheaper isn't a valid point and it is basically what you are saying. Being rude and saying mean things can really get to a person's head and can mentally hurt them especially if they are already dealing with things and come to the server to get away from all other stress.


All in all to conclude I would recommend apologising to Azazel for being rude and deterring customers. Some people might want to pay Azazel as it may be more trustworthy and helpful for them so you cant tell them its cheaper here. So I think you should apologize to Azazel and leave the shop and he/she alone.


Okay more posts,

1) TheBurger was pretty much like the 5th member of the group, and for the last time AMG litteraly did nothing to you. Many players have individually but as a faction we have like 20-30 players so if we did ask people to say stuff to you then you would be getting alot more messages.

2) as far as the Honda analogy goes I am fine with player to buy that along as they know that is what they are getting. If all the car dealers sold the same car for 20k but one sold it for 50k id find it difficult to standby as people bought from the 60k dealer thinking this standard rate.

3) in regards to the last post you seem to contradict yourself in saying it is okay to advertise for cheaper but then saying "you can't tell them it's cheaper here"

I can say that as it is a fact. Not a lie because it actually is cheaper.

I've pretty much said my piece on the issue. I'm happy to now leave it up to the admins or mods to deal with this.

okay I feel like I need to  address this. I will admit that I have done and said some things in retrospect that could have been worded better, or at least changed so I do apologise for that. In lieu of yesterdays conversation I looked back  over the discord to DMU thread in the discord. from the top, yesterday wasn't the best of days I just wasn't thinking straight whether that was because I hadn't slept enough or for some other external factor, I think every little thing was annoying me and I wasn't myself, It's no excuse however when my entire screen fills with an ad to a shop it does nothing to make me amiable towards that shop, once again no excuse but it is context.

 something to note, There were multiple times throughout the conversation where I clearly attempted to stop talking to you. The first one that comes to mind is the "you care about profit? bruh moment". You could have just left it there, this was after the back and forth about whether I could sell you mending books for higher then market value.  However you then proceeded to  bring up "AMD" and prior actions of members of AMG, do note I stress the word Members, not all of AMG as a faction. I then continued attempting to de-escalate the situation because I had other things I would have preferred to do with my evening, after you said "my prices are my own" I said "they're unreasonably high" and continued with "fine", and with context you could gleam that I'm trying to end the conversation. However you then continued to degrade my friends to "cronies". I will admit retorting with "pompous twig" was certainly a childish method of responding, however do note that at this time I was beyond done with talking to you and trying to exit the conversation, and I think it is reasonable to say I was a bit jaded. 

From the chatlogs that I have there is then a small amount of back and forth about whom instigated the argument, I definitely started the conversation, however you should note that I attempted to end the conversation with you on several occasions, However you threw the first clear insult as far as I can tell, you turned the conversation into a shouting match.

I think I've covered everything I wanted to here. I apologise if I crossed a line yesterday, my main problem with your shop is the price of Mending books. No person on the server is infallible and everyone should be available to critise, I will admit that yesterday I went a bit far, though I attempted to end the conversation on multiple accounts. I don't think I should need to say it but  AMG is not representative of everyone whom has had a word about the price of mending books, AMG is a faction not a single person and only a few members had problems and verbalised them.

I'm happy that I've said my peace on this now.

At this point we just need an admin to pass judgement so we can put this behind us. Otherwise we’ll just keep going back and forth.

I mean some quit so that kinda cut the admins from intervening and other 'cronies' who weren't named did the bannable stuff so I'd say it did age well...

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