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Minecraft Username: ShaneH7646

Username of player you want banned: Twelfth_Doctor

Location (Which server): Public

When it happened (Time and Date): About 30 mins ago

Description of the problem (Were they abusing perms etc.):

Abusing rank

- Tping without permission

- Killing people while in creative -also had an inappropriate weapon name

Impersonating staff

-He was impersonating staff by tping a guy (Jacob) into a jail at aces city and kept on doing so, therefore impersonating staff

Why they deserved to be banned: General assholery for a long period of time (see above)

Witnesses (if any): Me, SillyPig121 and Jacob (Cant recall his exact ign)

Image(screenshot) of the player you want banned (image of chat image etc.): I sadly didn't take any at the time but others will back up my claims aswell as block logs with in the jail area

I Did see this and agree with everything Shane has said, but it was taco who had the inappropriate weapon name, not Twelth but he still did kill in creative i was there,

That was taco who killed shane

taco was the one who killed shane



and have you seen that one guy he had a sword name a dildo


from what i have heard, Jacob entered 12th tardis without perms which is why he was jailed, am i wrong?

so 12th was jailing jacob till an admin got on to look at the problem, am i still correct?


so was he abusing powers, or was he trying to be responsible and not let a potential griefer lose on the server.


Yes Twelfth did tp without permission, but try not to get that confused with impersonating staff. Impersonating staff is when you do something like change your title and claim you are a member of staff. Twelfth did however break the rules several times.

an admin never came on, we told him to stop and we r reporting him and he did, also jacob didnt mean to enter his tardis, and what i know he did nothing to it


And still Twelfth did still kill Jacob in creative with potions, it said Jacob was killed by Twelfth using magic

so u let fox deal with it or u go into survival and kill jacob, and still using potions would also damage fox.... so nice story

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