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A block that does...

Name of Block:"This Block Does Nothing"

Description: It is a pure white block, That when placed; Does nothing, Execpt when the player right clicks it 25 times, And then nothing happens.

It's greatest feature is the fact that it does nothing. When a Opped player spawns it in or crafts it; Nothing Happens.

Lore/Brief Background:There is no Higher meaning to this block, It does nothing.

How does the player obtain it: By placing 9 nether stars in a crafting table it creates a truely useless item that does nothing.

Why should this be implemented: There is absolutely no reason it should be because this block does nothing.

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable)

Any other information: When 9 are placed in a stack nothing happens, Except with you light them on fire because then nothing happens.

You just had a cool idea. I could even imagine nothing happening when that block is activated by redstone!

Even crazier, what if nothing could possibly happen when its put underwater?!

There would be so many interesting possibilities with this block! I would love to see this in the Dalek Mod, I mean you've got to admit, when you step on it and it does nothing, thats pretty nice!

but, like when it is dropped into a cactus, nothing happens, also, that recipe is too easy for a block like this


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