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Prepare... For A Potential New Series...

Currently, aside from all my other projects, I am trying to make a potential SWD series for the SWD YouTube channel. Sadly I can't reveal too much of it just yet, but it will be filmed using custom NPCs and the cast will voice over their characters once the series is finished and approved. The last piece of information I will leak out is this photo-teaser from the ENTIRE CITY that I am having to build in order to film it. I thought I should do most of the work myself, since Matt is seriously busy with a serious amount of stuff. So sit back, and let the anticipation begin. Also, y'all can try figure out the nature of the show from the teaser-photo and any more that I may or may post in the near future. Love you all xx. --------Emmy San VA (Emmy's Gaming Hub)



have you asked them as that would be a good step to do before you make it 

have you asked them as that would be a good step to do before you make it 

 I wanna show them some of it first. The last time I proposed an Idea for an SWD series, it was the Evil of the Daleks remake, and they didn't finish it because Matt tried to do pretty much everything himself, at least I think he did. That and general lack of community interest was why it was scrapped. I want to make at least one episode of this of something like that before I ask to work on it with their help.

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