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DM Bugle Issue 13 - Summer Event 2020

DM Bugle Issue 13

Summer Event 2020! By ProffessorCoke

This year we are going through one of the worst periods of mankind. Some even saying 2020 is the worst year ever. We suffered through the Covid-19 pandemic. We suffered through loss of jobs. We suffered through a fall of an economy. However there was a light...


THE 2020 SUMMER EVENT!!! Whilst maybe late, it was better late than never.  A spectacular event hosted by Ben1Ben1!  It was a true spectacle: the skin competition,seeing the sandcastles that so many built,the awesome treasure hunt put together with an awesome twist and last but not least the Drop Party!


The skin competition which was one of my favourite events with no particular bias whatsoever. Not like I won or anything pshhh. A simple but cool event to start it off!


The sandcastle competition was also awesome, seeing people’s insane castle builds. However even with such fierce competition the winner was KeeMeng! KeeMeng unlike the other competitors had an ace up his sleeve -  using the power of entity manipulators he made armor stands with arms :0! This secured him with a fine victory, on top of his great building skills! A blend of unique and awesomeness.


The treasure hunt is another fantastic event, which was well put together. It may have been harder than the Easter event but ever so more rewarding. With the summer event team taking this into account they gave way better clues. The end of the treasure hunt was specifically the best part. Expecting a simple end, I was more than baffled. When I realised what the letters on each at the end were instead a code word to coordinates! The prize whilst may not be Ben’s majestic head :(. We got a choice of 3 Summer themed heads like the Easter event :).


Sadly I didn’t get to experience the drop party so, I can’t give you much on that but I know who can! The man who owns the DM BUGLE. The man who loves cake more than anyone else. The man who’s the cousin of pablo! Ben1Ben1! From the words of Ben1Ben1 himself “We dropped a nether star, ender dragon head, music discs, 10k. Top prize was sonic Daniels Head”


In conclusion,this was one of the best events DMU has had! The fact that they managed to organise all of this during a pandemic is insane! They even had time to give us small challenges every day! It’s quite evident that they put a ton of effort into this awesome event. Which,I hope goes down in history of one of the best events we’ve ever had!!!


Thoughts with Ben - Leadership

“Effective leadership is about earning respect, and it's also about personality and charisma” Lord Alan Sugar



Lord Alan Sugar is my biggest role model when it comes to leadership. He has gotten to where he is today because of his hardwork. And my favourite skill of his is leadership. He taught me the most important thing about leading any group of people - To be a good leader, you must be prepared to do every job in the group, whether that’s toilet cleaning or just sitting through some meetings. You cannot lead a team without respect and to earn respect, you have to show your team you are equal to them. So whenever you need to lead someone, get out your marigold gloves, find your mop and get ready to lead a team to success!


Joe’s Tea Review

Hello! This is a new segment in which I, Joe, will be reviewing different teas and teabags that I use. This week's is Yorkshire Tea:


A lovely blend of tea leaves, which produces a magnificent cup of tea. Well worth the buy if you ever want it. Paired with a nice digestive, this tea will keep you happy for as long as you drink it (provided you send me some). Even without milk in it, you are still getting a cup of tea well worth it.


Join our discord: https://discord.gg/qgWKRnT



Chapter One - Where did everyone go? By BrettTheKidRE

It was just a normal day on DMU until suddenly flashes of light appeared out of no where and only a select few remained. BrettThekidRE found that Gamergalchloe, Ben1Ben1 and Didgeridoomen were all that remained for this adventure when suddenly they saw something flying overhead. Didgeridoomen looks and sees Josia50 piloting a Tardis looking for anyone that may still be around, so they signal to him and go inside his Tardis to discover what has gone wrong ….


The Tardis team lead by Didgeridoomen were about to discover a horrifying truth. Not one of them could have imagined the horror of what Josia had just told them. Was it the return of Cowman? Matt asked Josia, “I am unsure, but the cows have returned so it might be time to fight once again”. So our brave heroes set on a quest to once again defeat Cowman.


Chapter Two Coming next week.


Mondas: A Cold Summer By GreenStone06

When I was a child, I liked the snow a lot. When it snowed once a week, I was really happy and I never had to worry. The snow was amazing. Sometimes I saw my mum sad and wearing her soft purple jumper, she would hug me. But it wasn’t a happy hug. Her tears ran down to her neck leaking from her almost white eyes. She was almost blind, she needed a cane to walk, she could only see people up close, she often couldn’t see me...


In my teenage years, I started learning what was happening at Mondas. It was changing. The government started a project - they said that the cold wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I was excited, finally we no longer had to be worried. But when they showed us the real plan, our hearts dropped. They wanted to transform us all into a strange cyber-mondan. I didn’t think that we really needed to be “converted” (this is what they called the transformation) but this is when I realised that the real project wasn’t to survive the cold. It was to convert all the people to “Cybermen”.



The next day we noticed that one of our teachers was missing, Eric Krailford, we called them Krail. We just thought it was a cold caused by the cool air on the planet. At this time, it was the coldest the planet had ever been. It was coming to summer but it didn’t feel it. That’s why we called it “The Cold Summer”.


Closing Thoughts:

The first bugle issue in quite a while but we are back strong, with the biggest team ever! I’m super excited to continue seeing everyone’s hard work to continue building the bugle! Please bear with us as some of our regular features are missing as we are just adjusting to having a new team and restarting the bugle again. Hopefully we will be back to normal soon! Make sure to join our discord if you would like to help make the bugle or if you have any suggestions! See you next week - Ben :)


Issue 13

Titled: Summer Event 2020

Editor: Ben1Ben1

Writers: ProffessorCoke, Ben1Ben1, Joee3, BrettTheKidRE, GreenStone06, 

The DM Bugle Est. 2019


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