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The thread of the one who wanted to be interior builder, but with an important message for the devs at the end.

This post is destined to the Staff members/Devs of the Dalek Mod.


Hi! I'm Encfa17, I've been playing the Dalek Mod since November 2019 and I love it with all my heart. I love to build original TARDIS interiors and I'd like to make some for the TARDISes that don't have their own unique interior yet (for exemple: Vanilla log/cobblestone/bricks; LEGO; Portal; End; Bluefire; etc.).

I'll post images of different interiors I made in the past to show you what I can do.


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I made this one in particular for the LEGO Dimensions TARDIS (which currently uses the Toyota interior). I used plastic blocks for almost everything to keep the LEGO theme.


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I made this one for the Gamma TARDIS when it didn't have a proper interior yet. The design is supposed to be rusty and old and would fit an exterior that looks damaged or dirty.


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I didn't make  this one for any TARDIS in particular. I wanted to make a classic theme but with more space. Not my best one, but I'll show it anyway.


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I made this one for the Vanilla Cobblestone TARDIS. I wanted to create a TARDIS that took the shape of a mine. (This actually is a TARDIS interior, I placed all the blocks.)

I'd totally understand if this one is too random/messy for you, it doesn't bother me at all to make another one.


If you want to see other interiors I did, you can check my post history in the TOTW section.


I'd totally understand if you can't or don't want to accept me as an interior builder. I'm not asking anything in return either, I just want to contribute to this mod because I love it.


So what do you say?

I really like what you did with the cobble tardis, only problem is that players can exploit the ores that are inside it, maybe the devs (if they add this) will make fake ores!

I really like what you did with the cobble tardis, only problem is that players can exploit the ores that are inside it, maybe the devs (if they add this) will make fake ores!

 Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! You're right for the ores. I'm really not expecting this one to get "accepted", I just put it in the exemples to show I'm capable of building an unconventional interior.

I just made an interior for the End Portal TARDIS!

The door is composed of 9 blocks of Hitbox Door surrounded by some End Rock blocks to recreate the portal that leads to the End. (so it can match the exterior and the BOTI effect).

The console is on a little obsidian pillar like in the Ender Dragon fight zone and the walls are made of purpur blocks to recreate an End City ambiance. There are also some magenta glass blocks with light behind them.


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I just finished an interior for the Portal TARDIS!

I used black and white roundels to recreate the atmosphere of a test chamber, and I made the main room into an oblong to respect their general architecture.

A glass pipe that delivers cubes in Portal is used as the time rotor, and the cubes themselves are Kerblam! boxes.

You can access a secondary room by activating an extremely sophisticate redstone system (the lever). After the stairs part, it's the office you can see through the glass in the main room (can be used as a secondary control room).


Note: I used decorative Steel Blocks.


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I made this interior for the Bluefire TARDIS!

It's a classic theme, but with a console that has a time rotor that reaches the ceiling.

There's also two staircases that lead to  a 1st floor . 2 entrances can be found here to create corridors or more rooms.


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I'll make other original interiors in the near future and post them here, so I don't have to create a thread everytime.

Here's my second take for the Vanilla Cobblestone TARDIS Interior (which currently uses the Geronimo Interior).

It's a lot bigger and more symmetrical  compared to the first one. It's still inspired by a mine, so I mainly used normal Minecraft Rocks and Gray Roundels to keep the esthetic.

There are 2 corridors leading to possible secondary rooms the player have to create.


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my kind of tardis, big lots of room and a kind of classic feel


I made an interior for the Vanilla Dirt House TARDIS!

It's supposed to be like a house, so I made it small and cozy. I used wood because it's what is generally used for houses (I considered using mainly dirt, but I don't think it would have fit well).

This interior is supposed to be good for Minecraft players, with all kind of equipments or tools one would need inside.

There are 3 levels:

-the main one; (console, monitor and stuff a player needs)

-the basement; (used as a storage room with some crops)

-the 1st floor; (used as a bedroom/place to relax)


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Eh looks more wood than dirt but you can’t have everything can you? A brilliant tardis none the less

I made an interior for the Porta Potty TARDIS!

I wanted to make it look like it's using water as the main source of energy (because y'know... It's a toilet) so i put some on the walls and in the floor.

I used a checkerboard tile motif for the floor because it's a common motif for bathrooms.

I added trap doors so you can walk on it, and there are 2 corridors that lead to secondary rooms the player have to create.


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The important message at the end:


Matt answered me in the public server when he was online, so I know you’re not looking for an interior builder and that’s totally fine to me.


Over the last few weeks, I built interiors for specific TARDISes that don’t have their own interior yet. I just wanted to know if you think some of them were cool enough to get added to the mod or not (since I made them for that reason).


This time, I’m not asking to “work” for you, I’m just proposing extra stuff you could add for update 60 (or anytime, really) if you think it’s good enough for the mod.


Again, it’s completely ok with me if you don’t want to, just let me know whatever you decide and I promise I won’t bother you again with that kind of stuff.


I apologize if I sounded too insistent with this thread over the past few weeks, I swear I wasn’t trying to.



I hope I’m not too annoying…

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