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[DMU Ban appeal] jeffyoustuped21 - Wider greifing - i need to understand more

Leading on from my last appeal, i am unsure where the place was where i griefed. Please tell me as i never griefed and i was in my village thw whole time. I need to know as i never griefed in my OWN village. I only was revamping the town. Please respond asap! Dezzy201

I don't have the screenshots for your latest ban, but I have seen you have broken a lot of crops in your farm without replanting, which I thought you described as a grief.

I never said the torches were greif, the stone is "Mr_tested" as shown in the screenshot. The torches are there are the large wall surrounding the farm is a "safety zone" to stop any mobs from getting in.

also, that is so there is light in the house, i fixed up the torches as there were too many that have been placed/removed in that area

jeff i would say that i found some logs of you broked some toyota bookshelves and chests , 1h before i post the report, so clearly after the end of the 1st ban. so you didnt just broke some torchs . + the owner of the room said that an other player was here to defend the room from someone called jeff , but that the player called jeff greif the entire room . And also i can confirm it with the logs 


That was not grief and they were not the owner of that room. We had already agreed on what to do with that room and those new people were turning that into a "tutorial room". I did not grief but instead took down those and put them into a chest underneath the stairs. So i was not griefing. I was just putting the stuff away for when we get started on that!

I am the oldest player of that village who still builds there so in theory shouldn't I be the owser of that room?

Also, the only reason I am talking about torches is that was all that is shown in your so called "proof"

I'd just like to add a few things onto what Mr_Tested and Dezzy have said:

- The grief wasn't just torches in one room, we don't ban people just for breaking a couple torches (that would be extremely harsh). If you want more 'proof', I will happily go down and log everything myself.

- Being the oldest player in the village does not automatically make you the owner of said village, and according to the other people that use that area, who you were refering to as not the owner was indeed the owner. Next time please ask before you start revamping areas as other people might not want you to do so.


Your ban ends in 32 hours, I personally wouldn't try and fight it.

- I admit that i broke the bookshelves, i never said i didnt

- I broke the bookshelves because we have already chosen what to build there

- Yes, being the oldest player does NOT make me owner, but they cannot just claim that room of  a PUBLIC house

- I did ask before revamping as we now have a government system. I spoke to deadparrot96 in-game and spoke to itsjustjamboss IRL


I cannot grief something when 4 people agree over 1 person what the room is going to be. They can however, build their "tutorial room" in a seperate building in the city of Arcadia (Left after leaving the public house). I also wrote a book with all information in that room if you wish to know more information. Thank you and please unban me as this is not fair!

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