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Name of Mob: Gunslinger.

Description: Humanoid mob, slightly taller than the player, with a laser blaster instead of a right arm.

Lore: Kahler-Tek/The Gunslinger, from the series 7a story "A Town Called Mercy"


      * How it attacks: (Ranged) Laser shots, default laser sound.
      * Spawning: Overworld, desert and mesa type biomes (medium-low spawn rate)
      * Nature: Hostile
      * Anger triggers: The presence of the player, and hostile aliens (Daleks, Cybermen, Monoids, Autons, Yetis, etc.)
      * Special Traits: Can see the player from longer distances than the average hostile mob.
      * Possible Drops: Ammo, Stetson, Cyborg Hand (Weapon) (Very rare drop)
      * Abilities: Short range teleportation, can self-destruct if critically low on health.
      * Notable Weaknesses: Nitro-9 can be used to destroy them in a similar way to the the Daleks.


Why should this be implemented: It would be a cool mob to have in the deserts and rare mesa biomes of the overworld, which are pretty bland and lack a unique feature such as this mob, and it would be an interesting feature to have in general.

I have looked through the forums and haven't seen this suggested before, so here goes nothing.

Ahh, this is the suggestion you mentioned on discord!

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