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[Solved] Guywithafedora worldedit greifing

Minecraft Username: ShaneH7646

Location of griefed building(Coords, which server): Beta/Private server, see images for coords

When it happened (Time and Date): sometime between now and last night

Description of the problem: Guywithafedora has made a giant red glass box around my area with worldedit

Witnesses (if any):No witnesses but according to TheFirstDoctor (12) red glass means it was guy with a fedora (done it before? don't know)

Image(screenshot) before and after griefing:


As he had not built in the area he had no reason whatsoever to do this so it is greifing and worldedit abuse, if someone could help me get rid off it and remove some of his permissions that would be great


I had to threaten 12 with going to john to get it removed, I would still like this person to be punished though as it took me like 2 hours to get resolved

The staff were a bit infuriating to work with to but I'm not sure what can be done about it

According to the staff on ATM he's not on the ban list, does it take a while to go through?

On an unrelated note: What Mini-Map mod are you using? it looks better than ming

On an unrelated note: What Mini-Map mod are you using? it looks better than ming

 I believe Shane uses Journey Map. I prefer Voxelmap. Although it requires Liteloader, a tutorial online shows you how to merge it with Forge so it can be used with the Dalek Mod! :D

I use Voxelmap aswell XD but i dont like the full screen map

yeah this is journey map, I like the fullscreen map better than voxels

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