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DM Bugle - Thoughts with Ben - Starting Over

DM Bugle

Thoughts with Ben

Starting Over

"Don't be afraid to start over. It's a chance to build something better this time" Unknown

If you are a fan of the Bugle, you may have noticed that it is a bit different now! We've decided to start over by having daily posts, and now it's all on the SWD Forums. However I'm assuming your biggest question must be - Why? And this is why the topic of this weeks Thoughts with Ben is starting over.


For the last couple months, there have not been many DM Bugles. This is because I've been very busy in real life and have not been able to commit fully to the Bugle. Because of this, I've decided to "start over"  the Bugle, transferring it into a blog. This will allow us to continue posting the same content, however in shorter more regular posts. Through my process of deciding to start over, the Bugle will now be able to grow bigger than ever. In the end, I'm certain this will be the best thing. 


It's not an easy decision choosing to start over. It's pretty scary. After taking ages to build something up, you break it down and try to reform it. It could be a massive success or an absolute flop. Often you can never tell, until you've made that decision. I often watch projects people restart flop, and it's really sad to see.


I always wonder -  Why has it flopped this time but worked the last time. I guess it's about why you restarted it. Did you just get bored? Did you just want to make it popular again? Or did you actually want to remake it so you can improve your project? When you think about restarting a project, make sure you know why you are.


Now your challenge is to take this advice and put it into your life. Try to find something in your life you aren't fully pleased with. Maybe something you've just got used to, and have never bothered to fix. Work on it. Start it again. Make it better. Personally I'm not very happy with some projects I'm currently making on DMU, so I just decided to scrap them and start again. Now they are flourishing and I'm much more pleased with them.


Let us know in the comments below to let us know what you think!

Have a fantastic day,


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