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DM Bugle - Interview with ProffesorCoke

DM Bugle

Interview with ProffesorCoke

 By Ben1Ben1


This week I caught up with ProffesorCoke, one of the DM Bugle team, to find out about his hard work for the bugle. If you would like to be interviewed for the Bugle, speak to Ben1Ben1!


Coke is a long time DMU player, who I have known for ages. On DMU he is probably most famous for his Mafia server. If you ever see him running a game, make sure to take part! Not only are there great prizes for the winners, they are lots of fun.


Let’s get on with the interview!


When did you join DMU?

2017, I would like to say May or June.


Why did you decide to join the DM Bugle? 

What do you expect me to say? That I ventured deep into the Amazon rainforest and rubbed a golden statue’s belly and it said “Go join the DMU Bugle”. *editors note: it is the DM Bugle, not DMU*


How do you pick what you want to write about? 

Well usually I go with the flow and do wacky topics that stand out. Let’s be realistic who reads newspapers these days. No one likes to read a boring essay about how dalek mod update [Insert here] is out. You can just watch a video elsewhere. I like to vaguely link my topics to DM and DMU as you’ll see this Saturday ????. I like to do topics more community focused. 


What is a future article you want to make? 

Well I would like to explore [Ben1Ben1’s] mind. To dissect your brain and work out everything about you. I would like to go inside the mind of Ben1Ben1.


How do you join the DM Bugle writing team? 

Ask my slime Ben1Ben1 and he’ll hook you up with what you want to write.


If you had your own newspaper, what would you call it? 

I would call it “Fake News”.


 Why is coke better than pepsi? 

Well you see if you go to a party you never see Pepsi and you only see coke. This means that coke is objectively better. 


Why did you choose to be a penguin? 

I didn’t choose, I was born as a penguin.


Would you rather: “Kill all penguins in the world” or “Make it so coke was never made” ?

Pshhhh, who cares about penguins. 


Who is the best person in the dm bugle team? 

The best person. Hmm. Now then, Ben’s trying to set me up and get everyone else to hate me so my answer is my favourite person... *Drumroll* is nobody. You’re all mean. :(


Well that was an... experience! If you would like to be interviewed or have someone you’d like me to interview next week, just let me know in the comments below!


Have a brilliant day,


Excuse me nobody I am great for the team 


Also I'd like the interview next week or the week after 

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