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DM Bugle - Merry Christmas!

DM Bugle

Merry Christmas Everyone!

By Ben1Ben1


It's the 1st of December (well close enough ok) which means it is time for the DMU Christmas Event!


Joe and I have been working hard and this year's Christmas Village is now out! To get there, use the polar express at spawn!


Just like last year, each week we will release a new feature of the village!


However for now, the village is already very busy! Come visit Santa's Reindeers, or maybe do some festive shopping at our many shops? You could do some ice-fishing or take part in the weekly challenge!


Wait what? A WEEKLY CHALLENGE? Yes each week we will have a weekly challenge to take part in! You can find more details at the town centre!


Now last year Santa didn't make much of an appearance until the last week, but this year he has said he wants to be around more! He may even make an appearance on the discord!

If you see him, make sure to take a picture with him!


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the event.



Santa's Head Elf.


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