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DM Bugle - Learning with Ben1Ben1 - How to setup a minecraft server staff team!

DM Bugle

Learning with Ben - How to setup a minecraft staff team!

By Ben1Ben1


Hey all, 


I’m sorry for this late and shorter post, just got a bit busy today but enjoy this blog about how to staff a minecraft server in my experience (which is basically not much but still, let’s pretend I know lots!)


Obviously the first thing you need is a minecraft server. Without this, you don’t need staff! Think about what sort of server it is, and what rules it has. If it’s a server where griefing is allowed then you won’t need as many staff as a server that doesn’t allow it. Also think about what plugins you will have installed to help your staff, e.g. block logs, auto bans. If you have an automatic banning system, then you won’t need staff to ban those crimes!


Next think about your staff ranking system and training. You need to make sure that your staff members receive the right support to become great staff. Without this, your staff team will work inconsistently. Make it clear for them how you want them to work together. One way to help with this is by making a punishment reference, explaining what each “crime” punishments get. However it’s vital to remember this is just a reference, you do need to use a level of common sense.


A tip which I don’t think many people think about when choosing their staff members. Yes it’s a great idea to pick active community members for staff, but at the same time if you take all your active community members and make them staff, then you won’t have an active community anymore! It’s vital to keep a balance!


Finally I’d say the most important step is to have fun. Staffing a server isn’t always easy and can be quite stressful. To balance this, make sure to have staff games. Staffing also isn’t all about punishments and telling people off. It’s about building up a community! Personally I like doing this through events, and also activities such as the DM Bugle!


I hope this has been a small insight into how I believe a minecraft staff team should be ran! But remember, this is only a small explanation and is only my opinion. There are plenty of other tips too! If you have any from your experience, share them int he comments below!


Have a great day (for the short period left!),


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