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DM Bugle - Christmas Week Two!

DM Bugle

Christmas Week Two!

By Ben1Ben1


It’s another week in the Christmas village and there’s lots more fun!


Thank you firstly to everyone who has bought raffle tickets! Make sure to purchase lots to have a great chance of winning a prize!


The winner of last weeks weekly challenge is Acen with their hilarious profile picture which I just think is mad. Make sure to check out the new challenge at the Christmas village! (Will be updated tomorrow)


One awesome feature this year is that you can now send a letter to Santa by the town centre! Buy a book and write a letter, then Santa will respond!


We have also brought back the building competition. This time it is a Christmas Tree building competition! Find the plots in the Christmas village to take part! If we run out of plots, just let a staff member know and we will add more.


Finally - be on the look out for Santa this week! He’s going to be making lots of appearances!


We hope you all enjoy.




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