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DM Bugle - Interview with RainbowDestiny

DM Bugle

Interview with RainbowDestiny

By Ben1Ben1

Hey all! Today I’ve got a super exciting interview with RainbowDestiny also known as Mae! She’s a key member of SWDTeam, known for her love of rainbows and waffles!


Roll the interview!


1. Tell us about your role in SWDTeam

Primary asset creation, so like... Either I do the art, or do advice/guidelines for others doing art. I also do music and sound design which was what I was originally recruited to the mod for. I've started programming SWD mods too recently but I'm new to Java. That's about it outside of occasional videos, though I want to do that more often.


2. Any exciting differences or features you can tell us about 1.15 DM?

Alien invasion events and space market trading stations are in the cards currently.


3. Any tips for people wanting to get into music production?

Even though it helps to learn how to read music, you don't need to know. I don't either. Just play what sounds nice to you and have fun or something.


4. What advent calendar days should we look forward to?

Day 13 and Day 23 most of all. The 13th has the feature that I had most fun modelling, and the 23rd has one from a friend that I'm very excited for if all goes according to plan.


5. How does SWDTeam decide what features it wants to add to it’s mods?

It really depends on who. RedDash works like he's making video games, John (1WTC) tends to add whatever he feels would be fun that get expanded upon (Like sticky notes or the fuel system). Josia tends to do similar but in more focused aspects like TARDISes, and Matt generally works off of suggestions and from stories he's recently been into. I think Luke and I just do old fashioned brainstorm sessions, which result in neat ideas like a Space Dimension.


6. Any features from past DM you’d like to bring back?

Emergency Temporal Shift, teleporting Ender Daleks, and rift generation.


7. If you made your own mod, what would it be about? 

Other than Doctor Who stuff, I've for a while wanted to do a dungeon dimension kind of mod. Mainly based on bugs as I'm very into entomology. I did do a Legend of Zelda mod once with RedDash which we want to do again someday, so maybe that too. I just like dungeon and adventure type stuff.


8. What’s better - War of the Worlds or Doctor who?

War of the Worlds is more consistently good I think (barring the War of the Worlds Second Wave movie... We don't talk about that), but Doctor Who has a lot more interesting concepts and story to it. It's hard to pick but I'd say I love Doctor Who more, but think WotW is a higher quality.


9. Why are circle waffles better than square waffles?

Waffles have a lot of square shapes in their pattern. They should be round to even it out. Also, round is usually the shape of the frozen toastable ones which are nice and crunchy. I really dislike the fluffier ones which tend to be square. Eggo is my favorite for this reason.


10. Who griefed “The John”?

The man you'd never suspect.



Wow! A really fascinating interview! Thank you Mae! She didn’t give me any social media’s n stuff to plug, but please do go check out all her work in SWDTeam! 

Tell me in the comments below who I should interview next!


Have a great day,




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