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DM Bugle - Frozen - A Poem

DM Bugle

Frozen - A Poem

By Ben1Ben1


As “Mondasian Thingymajij” can’t write his article today, I had to take over with a one-off poem.

I hope you enjoy! *small warning - it’s a little dark but only as bad as a doctor who episode*



 Many things can freeze. The most basic is of course water. Water can be frozen to become ice. Ice is frozen water. But not just water can be frozen.


You can freeze food to keep it for longer. In the freezer, your food won’t rot keeping it safe to eat for months. 


A computer monitor can freeze. No matter what you do, it won’t move. The cursor is stuck in time. You try pressing each key but the only option is to shut it down and start again.


Your bank account can be frozen. If something bad happens. Someone tries to break their way in. Any account can be frozen. You have to fix it before you can access it again.


A person can be frozen. Not by the cold. By fear. Terror. Standing there, paralysed by what’s about to happen. Your brain tells you to move, but your body tells you no. Sometimes the only thing you can do is let out one single tear. 


Time can be frozen. At some points in your life you just feel like the world slows down and then just.. stops. You look around and can appreciate it’s beauty. Time pauses just for you. 


Angels. Weeping angels can freeze. All the times you stare at them they are frozen. They can’t move because of you looking back. 


But if you blink. Just for a millisecond. 


They thaw. 


And now it is you who is frozen. Not frozen like water to become ice. Not frozen like food so you don’t rot. Not frozen like a computer meaning your cursor can’t move. Not frozen like a bank account meaning you can’t be accessed. Not even frozen like a person from fear or frozen like time so you can appreciate it’s beauty. 


You aren’t frozen for any of those reasons.


You froze when you died. 

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