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[Servers] Add the more player models plugin

It would be cool if the more player models plugin were added http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/sit-and-lie-anywhere/ to the servers, it would be really cool for roleplays and general messing around


good idea but... 

Have  you forgotten about the skin packs? I think you have to press O or P to activate it.


Even though the title option IS locked. There are already a few skin packs included.  They will extend on that more. I think when the dalek mod workshop is finished they might have the option to make // add your own skin(s) // skinpacks. But i do kinda like this idea.

W cannot install plugins on the server as it is a forge only server.

All of the plugins except World Edit were coded by us. If we could add external plugins we would.

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