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DM Bugle - Christmas Week Three - Santa Claus is coming to town!

DM Bugle

Christmas Week Three - Santa Claus is coming to town!

By Ben1Ben1


Hey all!


Another week for Christmas event and might I say, the most exciting one yet!


Firstly a new weekly challenge! Last week’s was the building competition where you had to decorate a Christmas tree! I am please to announce the winner is..... Meawoof37! Congratulations! Make sure to check out the new challenge!


Secondly - if you have written a letter to Santa, he will be responding to those letters this week! 


Talking about Santa, he’s going to be a busy person this week! Not only will he be making regular appearances on DMU and SWD Community discord, I can now announce the grotto will be opening late this week! Yes you can come visit Santa himself and receive a present! More details to be announced soon!


Finally, the present wrapping shop will be opened as well! Wrapping presents is a new feature to DMU, so please bear with us as the elves get used to it. For more details come visit the shop when it’s open!


Have a great week everyone and merry Christmas!


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