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DM Bugle - Interview with SANTA!!!

DM Bugle

Interview with Santa!

By Ben1Ben1


O. M. G. Yes - WE GOT AN INTERVIEW WITH SANTA! I’m not even going to intro this, let’s a goooooo!


How did you spend lockdown?

I spent lockdown taking a big nap, need to preserve my energy for Christmas Eve!


How do you get on your nice list?


Well, there's never been a strict standard for being on the nice list.  I suppose that being the best person you can be will guarantee you a spot there. 


Are you ready for Christmas this year?


Oh heavens no, we're nowhere near ready! The elves haven't finished making the new-fangled Play System 5 or so it's called!


Have you been enjoying the Dalek Mod advent calendar?



Dalek Mod Advent videos always brighten up the elves' day after those long hours in the workshop!


Can you give us any spoilers about the DMU Christmas Event?

Head Elf Ben won't tell me anything this year, not after what happened last time.

Christmas cake, cookies or mince pies?

Cookies, most definitely!


What present is most popular this year?

Paw System 5 I think it's called? That's one of the most popular this decade!


Favourite DM Feature?

Chimneys, as otherwise my fat self couldn't get through your blocky doors!


Who griefed “The John”?

Ahh, young Matt knows the answer to this. I don't see why people won't tell Santa what's happening, it's not like I'm involved at all...


How can players contact you?


You can meet me later this week in my grotto, where you will be able to get some sweet treats!



Wow thank you Santa for a great interview!


See you next week,


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