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DM Bugle - Christmas Week 4 - Merry Christmas

DM Bugle


By Ben1Ben1


The final week is here! 


We have a few final activities ready for the last week of the Christmas event!


Firstly - this is the last week to buy raffle tickets! The raffle closes on Christmas Day! Make sure to buy all your tickets!


Secondly - this week’s weekly challenge is the classic - make a Christmas themed skin! I’m sure many of you will have already made one so I’m looking forward to seeing them! Send screenshots of entries to Ben1Ben1#9857! Remember that last weeks challenge of making a tardis interior is continuing this week as well - lots of fun challenges for you to do!


Last week Santa’s grotto opened up and will continue running this week! Make sure to visit him to get your presents! He’s made it extra special this year!


Well that’s all of it! One month of festive fun!


From everyone in the DMU and SWDTeam, we wish you a very merry Christmas! It will be a very different Christmas, but you are always welcome on DMU or the discord if you ever need someone to chat to.

We really hope you have enjoyed this years more relaxed but still jam packed event!


Merry Christmas!



Head Elf

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