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DM Bugle - End of the Christmas Event

DM Bugle

End of the Christmas Event

By Ben1Ben1


Christmas Closing!


The Christmas event is now over!


Santa is exhausted after delivering all of his presents! The reindeers are napping to catch up on some sleep! The elves are on holiday (for a few weeks, until they have to start getting ready for next year!)


 We hope you all really enjoyed this year’s Christmas event. If you have any feedback do let me know! We always love to hear players ideas! 


The winner of the Tardis Building Interior competition is... Encfa17! Congratulations! You built a really cool festive tardis interior! 

The raffle prizes will be given out soon, I just need to pull out the tickets and sort out the prizes! If you win, they will be put in your tardis interiors.

I really want to thank all staff for helping with the event, especially Joe for his hard work.


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I’d love to hear what you got for Christmas down below!


Have an awesome day,


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