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DM Bugle - Interview with Olly about SWDExtra

DM Bugle

Interview with Olly about SWDExtra

By Ben


Hey everyone! Got an awesome interview for you today! It’s with Olly and it’s all about SWDExtra, the YouTube channel ran by swdteam and staff. Make sure to check it out for lots of exclusive fun content! 

Enjoy the interview!


1. What’s your role?


Within the SWDExtra Team, I record a lot of videos. From time to time I edit too, only when there is a free space for me to.


2. What are some of the series you’ve made on SWDExtra?


I work on Who, Minigames *though I specialise in the Bedwars series*.


3. What’s your favourite video on SWDExtra?


I am stuck between one of the Bedwars episodes with everyone and maybe I am biased, but I do love Who!


4. Any plans for upcoming videos?


Not exactly, my schedule is very full at the moment, however if anything does come up then I am sure it will be great!


5. How do you plan videos/ come up with ideas for them?


When it comes planning, I start with my original idea and just brain storm so many other options from that. I then try my best to narrow it down to what fits the best and what works the most with/or for others!


6. What do you use to edit videos?


 I did use Sony Vegas before it starting playing up. Currently I have nothing else so I hopefully will change that soon.


7. Any top tips for someone who wants to get into video making and building a YouTube channel?


Now, I myself have never been great on the Youtube side. I used to make videos when I was about 8/9. But let's not talk about those! 

I enjoy being involved with videos and always do my best to help out others with them when possible.

But for starting your own "thing", just get used to an editing style you enjoy and find 'your' kind of content. Something you would enjoy watching and feel like it could relate to others.


 8. We’ve heard news about something coming from the sky near spawn, do you know anything about this?


It's hard to tell what is going on currently, but do make sure to keep checking the dmu-announcements channel and on dmu itself for updates!


 9. What’s your favourite Dalek mod feature?


Maybe I am biased, but I do love Tempus


 10. Finally, how do you keep coming back to life after dying in the swdteam videos?


So basically I j~~~~


Editors note: *audio cut out during this point in the interview*


Thank you very much for the DM Bugle for my interview! Maybe we could do an updated one in the future! Who knows!?

I would also like to wish you all a happy new year!

Hopefully will see you all soon!


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