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DM Bugle - SWD Rewind 2020

DM Bugle 

SWD Rewind 2020

By Ben1Ben1

Hey everyone!


Welcome to the final DM Bugle post of the year! I thought I’d do a SWD Rewind, looking over all of SWDTeams achievements and related events in 2020! I hope you enjoy (you better cause it took ages to collect this)!


1st January - Season 12 of Doctor Who came out and MrCedric became a moderator!

13th January - A Beehive Bedlam Update came out

25th January - Joee3 became an Ultra-Admin!

27th January - TheTomsterman and SilencedInferno both became Trainees!

31st January - FlameNeo16 became Trainee also!


1st February - U53 was released, and Whovian was promoted to moderator.

11th February - Ace was promoted to being a Trainee!

21st February - A test world was uploaded to DMU for a few days, so the dev team could do some lag tests. It ended in anarchy! Danita was also promoted to admin!

27th February - DMU Public was temporarily closed to be reset


1st March - DMU Public returned and U54 was released!!

19th March - Dalek Mod Survival Episode 1 was uploaded!

25th March - A few games of Deal or No Deal were run on DMU Public and Olly was promoted to Admin!


2nd April - Tom became a moderator!

3rd April - Josia was promoted to admin and U55 was released!

4th April - Olly held a minigame party on DMU

11th April - Cowman stole all of the easter bunnies easter eggs, leading to the Easter Event where players had to recover them.

12th April - Ed became a Moderator!

13th April - U56 came out! 

14th April - Tardis of the week started, a weekly tardis interior building competition.

15th April - SWDTeam channel beat two of it's personal records. Firstly it had the most views in one day since 2012 of 12,911 views, and secondly the second highest watchtime in a day of 615 hours!

17th April - Silenced became a moderator!

20th April - Dezzy, Bug and Mr Tested became Holiday staff announced in the brand new DMU Announcements channel!

22nd April - Whovian rejoined the team as holiday staff!

24th April - HRSM also joined as holiday staff.

25th April - DM Bugle Discord was created and the Bugle was rebooted!


6th May - The Dalek Mod Education series by Reddash started.

9th May - Death Run was played on DMU Public!

14th May - Update 2.90 of Beehive Bedlam was released.

17th May - Update 57 was released. We sadly said goodbye to Ed, however Mae rejoined the team! Gallifrey and Mars were reset on DMU.

22nd May - Matt held a "Communal" Livestream for all the community members, including a MASSIVE Kahoot!

30th May - The Upgraded event took place on DMU!

31st May - Season 1 of Survivor SWD started!


1st June - Cy joined the Ultra-Admin Team!!

3rd June - Bluey left the DM Bugle Team ???? This meant I was in charge mwhaha!

10th June - Who Episode 1 was released on the SWDExtra channel!

13th June - There was a new DM Bugle Team!

25th June - HRSM, Dezzy, Bug and Mr Tested ALL became moderators!

29th June - Tom was promoted to admin!


1st July - Ben (MEEE) won the first Season of Survivor SWD!

5th July - Survivor SWD Season 2 - SWDxile Island started!

18th July - U58 was released!

25th July - The end was reset on DMU.


6th August - dorklybee won Season 2 of Survivor SWD!

11th August - Pablo. 

14th August - Another Beehive Bedlam Update! Also Season 3 of Survivor SWD One SWorlD was started!

15th August - Reddash killed DMU with /tp @e.

27th August - DMU Summer Event started! Players visited the beach and took part in building competitions, drop parties and minigames!


6th September - Staff of the Month started with Danita being the first winner!

14th September - War of the Worlds Beta Release came out!

27th September - BJames won the 3rd Season of Survivor SWD!

28th September - Bug became an admin!

29th September - U59 was released! This lead to Trenzalore being reset!


4th October - Bug received the second Staff of the month award! Henrik also joined the staff team! (Yes, this was the day it all went wrong) Waffle joined the staff team too!

9th Octover - Ben was promoted to Ultra-Admin!! (hah das me)

10th October - Kass ran a game of Who wants to be a millionaire in the discord!

31st October - U60 was released! Skaro was reset. The Halloween event was opened, which involved carving pumpkins and taking part in an adventure map to beat cowman!


2nd November - War of the Worlds 1.5 was released!

9th November - U61 came out! Lots of updates in a short time!

10th November - For November both Tom and Joe received staff of the month for their hard work!

14th November - Henrik and Waffle were promoted to Moderator!

18th November - DM Bugle went fully online with a brand new team! 

24th November - Bee joined the staff team!


1st December - The Dalek Mod Advent started! Daily videos on the SWDTeam Channel with new DM items each day! The DMU Advent calendar started too with daily presents under the tree at spawn. Finally the DMU Christmas event began as well, with lots of exciting opportunities to meet Santa, receive presents, and play in the snow!

15th December - Waffle received staff of the month!

25th December - CHRISTMAS! And WOTW came out of Beta and was fully released!

27th December - Something appeared in the sky above spawn!

31st December - New Years Eve! (And my 2 year anniversary of being made staff ???? )


So to summarise - LOTS! 


If you enjoyed this post, please make sure to join the DM Bugle discord to keep up with our daily posts! https://discord.gg/VfbNWjf There will be some really exciting content coming next year, more details in tomorrow’s post!


From me, a very happy new year! I’m looking forward to seeing what SWD produces in 2021! (Hopefully more cake please SWDTeam :) )



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